3 - 4 - 5 June 2019 | Visitor registration now open

Explore the Theme Pavilions

During Aquatech China 2019, all that Aquatech has to offer is organised into halls, Theme Pavilions and Country Pavilions. Also make sure to browse our Aquatech Segments section to explore all that we have to offer in terms of water technology and solutions.

Water Environment Federation - WEF

If your company is interested in international business you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to exhibit within the WEF International Pavilions. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) created the International Pavilion Program back in 2008 to make it easier for companies to exhibit at major water/waste water shows around the world.

Progressive Technology Pavilion

The Progressive Technology Pavilion (Hall 6.1) is the go-to-area for water professionals looking for cutting-edge technology offerings in the industry. Selected participants come from around the globe and their technologies have huge potential in applications across the utility and industrial sectors of the water industry.

Smart Water Networks Pavilion

The Smart Water Networks Pavilion, powered by SWAN Forum, offers visitors a focussed hotspot to learn all about the latest trends and technologies in the sectors. The Pavilion is complemented by a seminar programme at the AquaStage.

Young Water Professional Area

Young Water Professionals Program (YWP Program) is designed to inspire water enthusiasts like you to explore the water world, get inspired by real cases, innovation and experienced professionals. Join us and meet like-minded people at the ‘Young Water Professionals Area’ in hall 6.1 during Aquatech China 2019. You are water and water is the future!

Industrial Water Leaders Forum

The Industrial Water Leaders Forum (IWLF) was successfully launched in 2018 as a high-level meeting point for water professionals working for end-users and providers of cutting edge technology. Also in 2019, in order to facilitate the interchange of information, ideas, and opportunities we bring together some of the most important thought-leaders who are shaping the future of water in China. These include policy makers, regulators, engineers, technologists, and most importantly the end users themselves.

InnovationLAB Experiences

The Experiences at the InnovationLAB functions as a central platform to showcase the latest developments in fundamental research projects and research&development.

AquaStage Seminars & Workshops

Knowledge exchange and networking are an important part of the Aquatech platform. The AquaStages offer visitors and exhibitors networking opportunities and easy access to educational sessions.

WQA Pavilion

Why join the WQA Pavilion at Aquatech China 2019?

  • Strength in a collective presentation
  • Located "prime-time" in top industry exhibition
  • Ready-to-occupy exhibit stand
  • Meet new prospects
  • Easy way to enter the Chinese market
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extra signage on-site
  • Exclusive promotion toold provided by the show organisers
  • Standing out from the crowd

Discover the Country Pavilions

​Aquatech China 2019 will feature a wide number of country pavilions. These pavilions are dedicated areas on the show floor that feature exhibiting companies from the same country. Well-known national and international companies and associations will join hands to present their countries with innovations.

Holland Pavilion

Growing prosperity comes with the challenge to provide 20% of world’s population with fresh, high quality water. This requires advanced treatment technologies.

With only 6% of global freshwater resources and stronger policies favouring the environment, Chinese utilities and industries are eager to embrace new technologies.

Specifically innovative solutions in waste water treatment technologies, reuse technologies, sludge management and decentralised WWT in rural areas. Next to that, targets regarding reduction of water leakage encourage the application of smart water solutions. The Holland Pavilion is a very efficient way for companies to join Aquatech China 2019 at minimal costs and with maximum output of your effort.

Europe Village

Aquatech China launches the ’Europe Village’ in the international zone of the membranes and waste water sector of Aquatech China 2019 ( Hall 6.1).

Europe village welcomes all companies from European countries who wish to join the show in an efficient and cost effective way and strive of course for maximum output.

Companies can join the Europe village individually or with a group of companies from the same country. Within the village we will group the companies and make sure country of origin is highlighted.

Japan Pavilion

Aquatech China launches the ’Japan Pavilion’ in the international zone of the membranes and waste water sector of Aquatech China 2019 ( Hall 6.1).

The Pavilion welcomes all companies from Japanese origin who wish to join the show in an efficient and cost effective way and strive of course for maximum output.

The Pavilion is open to companies based in Japan as wel as companies based in China but from Japanese origin.

Bavarian Pavilion

During Aquatech China 2019, leading German companies join forces at the Bavarian Pavilion to showcase their innovative water solutions.

For more details, please contact:

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