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Aquatech Online BreakOuts, an interactive live event series that is set to shake up the traditional and crowded webinar circuit. Unscripted, live discussions with industry thought leaders. Audience voting and interaction will not be optional but required! Forget passive listening; instead think active engagement.

Latest BreakOuts: Water Quality Monitoring Challenges and Innovations

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Tom Freyberg

Content Director
Aquatech Global Events

Who should attend Aquatech BreakOuts

Who should definitely attend?

  • Utilities: Chief Technology / Operating / Information / Innovation & Digital Officers & Asset Managers

  • Engineering consultancies: International Operations Directors & Project Managers

  • Solution providers / OEMs: Executive Management (SMEs) / Business Development Managers / Chief Strategy Officers / Project Managers

....or if you just love water tech!





We believe in the power of bringing people together and want to continue that with BreakOuts. Aquatech Online is a global hub for water professionals, driven by likeable, shareable and engaging content. The live event series will augment our strong online presence with regular, interactive discussions on key topics.

Annette Bos Aquatech Director Water

Meet the Aquatech Content Board

Annette Bos BW

Annette Bos

Director water, RAI Amsterdam

Avishek Chaudhuri

Water industry advisor, Tata Consultancy Services

Dr Benjamin Tam

Managing director UK, Isle Utilities

Dr Richard Vestner

Senior Director | Digital Cities, Bentley Systems

Emma Weisbord

Digital Water Consultant, Royal HaskoningDHV, the Netherlands

Eva Martinez Diaz

Head of smart services, Aqualia

Frank Zamora

Director of technology & IT, Acciona

Jan Gooijer

Innovation manager, Vitens

Jon McClean

VP of Technology and Innovation, Evoqua Water Technologies

Mark Kaney

Director of asset management, Black & Veatch

Matt Rolls

Regional director, Municipal EMEA, Evoqua Water Technologies

Miguel Angel Sanz

Director of Strategic Development, Suez

Paolo Zacchi Cossetti

Director Open Innovation, Xylem

Paul O'Callaghan

CEO, Bluetech Research

Prof Dragan Savic

CEO, KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Tom Freyberg

Content director, Aquatech Global Events

Will Sarni

Founder & CEO, Water Foundry, US

Yossi Yaacoby

Director, WaTech Mekorot


Discover how new technologies are creating amazing breakthroughs in water technology.



Gain knowledge and insight through the high-level workshops and discussions.


Network and mingle with other water technology thought leaders.



Connect with water technology experts from leading universities and water technology companies.

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Annette Bos
Director Water Global
Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Previous editions

Water Quality Monitoring Challenges and Innovations

  • Huge amounts of money and time are being invested in reducing leakage in distribution networks worldwide. By comparison very little money or time is being spent looking at how we can measure and improve water quality. Why?
  • This latest BreakOuts will explore if water quality measurement in distribution networks, as well as at the household level, needs to be given more emphasis and if so how do we do it?
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Resilient Cities: Innovative Urban Solutions for Urgent Challenges

  • How can they be redesigned to face water challenges of the future?
  • What innovative solutions can be accelerated, scaled and replicated across multiple cities?
  • How can we integrate smart water and plan smarter, greener and healthier urban spaces?
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BreakOuts 27 august

Going Circular: Water & Resource Recovery in the New Normal

  • With scarcity increasing around the world, recycling and reusing water makes economical and environmental sense. How will water reuse enable circularity within industries, such as breweries?
  • How can water utilities go beyond water recycling to recover resources, such as fertiliser and proteins?
  • How are start-ups in the decentralised market disrupting traditional centralised treatment?
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Blockchain in water: the past, the present and the future

  • How is blockchain being used to connect the federal governments to communities in securing water quality data?
  • How will blockchain ensure water trading and governance is transparent and not opaque?
  • What potential does it have for water utilities to secure consumers’ data?
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How Covid-19 is Shaking Up & Transforming Water Innovation

  • How will water innovation look in a landscape radically shaken and transformed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • How have digital tools become essential, not optional as communication and monitoring lifelines for water utilities teams being forced to work remotely?
  • Progression of digitalisation: what is in the pipeline?
  • How are engineering teams progressing infrastructure projects without face to face interaction?
  • Is investment into water start-ups being throttled and slowed down?
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Previous speakers...

Anusha Shah

Anusha Shah

Director Resilient Cities

Arnoud Molenaar

Arnoud Molenaar

Chief Resilience Officer
City of Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Carolyn DuBois

Director Water Program
The Gordon Foundation

Cora Uijterlinde

Cora Uijterlinde

Research Manager

Emma Wattie

Atlantic Water Network

Emma Weisbord

Innovation Lead, RHDHV Digital
Royal HaskoningDHV
The Netherlands

Ian Ross

Dr. Ian Ross

Technical Director and Global PFAS Practice Lead
Tetra Tech

Jason Dadakis

Jason Dadakis

Executive Director of Water Quality and Technical Resources
Orange County

Jesper Kjelds

Chief Digital Officer
Aarhus Vand

John Gaffney

Product Owner/BDM
Water Quality Analytics

Julia Braune

General Manager
German Water Partnership

Karyn Georges

Karyn Georges

Head of Consulting
Isle Utilities

Katrina Donaghy

Co-founder and CEO
Civic Ledger

Katrina Flavel

Technical Specialist
Clean Water Networks
Innovation Team
Yorkshire Water

Kelly Trott

Kelly Trott

Vice President
Imagine H20

Lisa Brand

Lisa Brand

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
LG Sonic
The Netherlands

Megan Glover

Co-Founder & CEO

Meriem Riadi

Chief Digital Officer
SUEZ Group

Michael Strahand

Consultant at IDT
SWAN Forum Ambassador

Nicole M. Poncelet-Johnson

Director of Water Quality & Treatment Team
Denver Water

Orianna Bretschger

Founder & CEO

Rik Thijssen

Business Dev. Manager
The Netherlands

Søren Nøhr Bak

Expertise Director

Yossi Yaacoby

VP of Engineering