5 - 8 November 2019

Isles Utilities Open Challenge Pavilion

Aquatech is happy to work together with Isles Utilities, who will host the Isle Utilities Open Challenge Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2017. The Pavilion is part of the InnovationLAB and can be found at booth 07.550.

The platform works the other way around by showcasing concrete, relevant and urgent challenges from the end users being top notch utilities.

The Pavilion is one of the pillars of the InnovationLAB and consists of 4-6 challenges presented in a visual way. It facilitates as the meeting point between the utilities behind the challenges and solution providers. It also showcases several unique and innovative best practices of a cooperation between solution provider and utilities.

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Why a unique concept to present challenges?

  • The Isle Utilities Open Challenge Pavilion works the other way around by showcasing concrete, relevant and urgent challenges from the end users, being top notch utilities
  • Visibility of the challenges for 4 days during a week where multiple solutions providers are together in Amsterdam
  • The pavilion facilitates solution providers and other visitors to meet the utilities and pitch their solution
  • Students and young professionals can be actively involved in recruiting and creating the best possible solutions for utilities
  • Interactive forum sessions: per day a challenge will be highlighted in an open forum session accessible for everyone visiting or exhibiting at Aquatech

Example challenges

  • How can we turn a costly brine stream that we have to discharge into valuable products?
    Several water utilities struggle to get rid of the ‘waste’ streams in a circular and cost effective way, thus limiting the opportunity to benefit from innovative ion exchange, ED and membrane filtration processes.
  • A sensor for € 10.00 
    Despite extensive research, water quality in distribution networks is hard to control. Drinking water companies want to profit from the IoT developments, but lack cheap sensors of which thousands need to be installed to get good overview of what is going on.
  • Extending the life time of underground assets by making them smart
    Finding solution for the global challenge of ageing underground networks is a growing need. The solutions lay potentially in sensor technology and data analysis but also in smart new materials and fundamental new ways of organising infra networks.
  • Collective treatment of greenhouses’ wastewater
    Farmers face increasingly stringent regulations for discharging wastewater to sewers. Water companies and water boards are keen to take care of this increasing non-core issue
  • Connecting to relined pipes
    Often relining is a cost effective method to restore the function of an aged pipe. But connecting multiple smaller connections to relined pipes is not easy or even impossible


Do you want to find a solution for one of the above challenges or do you want to bring in your own challenges?

For more information about your benefits in participating in the Isle Utilities Open Challenge Pavilion, please contact:
Isle Utilities – Annelies Schenk
E-mail: annelies.schenk@isleutilities.com
Telephone: +31 648782295