5 - 8 November 2019

The 2017 Innovation Showcase companies

1. Ahlstrom

Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to customers worldwide.

Presentation title: Charge up your approach to water purification with Electro Positive Technology

2. Aquacare 

Aquacare Environment Inc. supplies controlled environment aquaculture technology to the aquaculture industry. Aquacare can develop, design and supply complete fish farms for clients worldwide, and can supply cost effective prefabricated system components to existing farms.

Presentation title: BiOPhree, Biocide-free water treatment for evaporative cooling systems based on the principle of phosphate-limitation

3. Aquafortus 

The New Zealand based company, Aquafortus, develops and commercialises a novel and proprietary osmotic technology.

Presentation title: Aquafortus High-Recovery Osmotic Technology

4. Blücher

BLÜCHER is one of Europe's leading producers of stainless steel drainage systems. BLÜCHER offers drainage systems for all applications, ranging from single-family bathrooms over large industrial facilities to luxurious cruise liners

Presentation title: SARATECH Innovative Technology- a cost effective solution for etimination of hazardous substances in wastewater.

5. Hyrec

Hyrec develops commercial applications of the patented Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis Technology. Hyrec’s prototype is operational and a pilot system is under construction.

Presentation title: Hyrec Membrane Brine Concentrator: Osmotically assisted reverse osmosis membrane and process for desalination, wastewater reuse and industrial stream concentration.

6. Mitte

The Berlin based company, Mitte, created an integrated countertop water purifying and vitalizing system. The system produces clean, mineralized drinking water at the push of a button.

Presentation title: mitte®: Drink water the way it’s meant to be

7. Nanonord

Nanonord specialises in the development of real-time, online oil and water analysis systems for an array of industries.

Presentation title: Tveskaeg Benchtop – a new paradigm in waste water analysis precision, convenience and cost

8. Oxymem

OxyMem invented a MABR system that provides a unique and convenient way of measuring biofilm thickness, utilising this method to detect excessive biofilm growth allows for automatic removal of excessive biofilm by air scouring.

Presentation title: OxyMem’s drop in MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) can enhance effluent quality and provide additional capacity within existing network assets at lowest operational cost (14kg/O2/kWh)

9. RTC Water 

RTC4Water is dedicated to improving the environment by focusing on making water distribution and wastewater management systems more efficient.

Presentation title: Artificial Intelligence in Water Distribution