sarphati sanitation symposium


Entrance: free of charge

Currently, 2.4 billion people worldwide lack basic access to sanitation. Proper sanitation holds the key to improved outcomes in health, safety, gender equality and education but the world is not on track to reach the goals set out by the UN for SDG 6.2: access to adequate and equitable sanitation for all.

Dr. Samuel Sarphati was a 19th century doctor, chemist and city planner who radically improved sanitation through entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. In his spirit, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards were created to honor innovation and commitment to global sanitation challenges.

The Sarphati Sanitation Symposium, a one day free symposium, will bring together actors in water and sanitation to discover and explore innovative sanitation methods, funding instruments and ways to increase the awareness and political support for sanitation. We believe that proper sanitation access for all is within reach. Will you join us?

Dr. Samuel Sarphati (1813-1866) was one of the most influential residents of Amsterdam during the 19th century. As a doctor, chemist and city planner, he was committed to radically improve public hygiene, mitigate catastrophic poverty levels and thus, better the living conditions of citizens. Back then, the streets of Amsterdam were exceedingly littered with waste. Dr. Sarphati proved that by moving the waste out of the city and processing it for agricultural purposes, money could be made and sanitation within the city could be drastically improved.