Water, besides being a resource of its own, is a transport medium for resources. Therefore, the urban water chain has many opportunities to recover resources and close cycles. Materials, chemicals and energy are added to water by households and businesses. More and more utilities and industries are looking at ways to recover these resources from waste water and surface water to recycle the water and even to re-use the resources recovered and upcycle them. More and more organisations manage to make money out of this. Aquatech Amsterdam will highlight the latest developments at the Resource Recovery HUB.

Water is the most important shared resource across all supply chains, yet wastewater is the largest untapped waste category. It’s time to change that. A circular economy is an industrial economy that promotes greater resource productivity aiming to reduce waste and avoid pollution by design or intention. This is contrast to a linear economy which is a 'take, make, dispose' model of production.

We must view water as part of a circular economy, where it retains full value after each use and eventually returns to the system. This means re-use of wastewater, and resource recovery from waste water, including energy recovery. Waste water is quickly becoming a valuable asset. Wastewater treatment plants become resource recovery plants. Many organisations are looking to make money out of their waste water. Aquatech will highlight the latest developments on resource recovery and bringing it to the market.

At the Resource Recovery HUB we organise round table discussions and we have presentations of knowledge institutes such as Global Water Intelligence.