pipefitting championships

Pipefitting Championships 

After a great success in 2019 we present you the Pipefitting Championships at Aquatech 2021. Teams from all around the world will compete against each other and against the very best Dutch water companies. The competition includes mechanics, as well as a ladies competition, a rookie race and a competition between the management teams.

Organised together with KNW Commissie Fitterijwedstrijden

Rules of play

The teams consist of two people (a borer and a fitter) and a coach. The intention is that they tap a 150 mm GN / C drinking water distribution pipe under pressure as quickly as possible, then connect the connecting pipe to a meter assembly and connect it to a tap. When water comes out of the tap, it is over and the time is stopped. During the competitions, at least two referees assess the participants on quality, craftsmanship, and whether all rules and safety requirements have been met.