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3M Membranes Business Unit

3M brings over 30 years of membrane and module manufacturing expertise in ultrafiltration and dissolved gas control applications. 3M™ Liqui-Flux™ Ultrafiltration modules take advantage of a pressure-driven out flow design that can be operated in either dead-end or cross-flow modes. 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors are compact and modular devices that control dissolved gases in liquids without chemicals.
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A. Hak

A.Hak is a multidisciplinary company that offers,amongst other things,solutions for transport and distribution of drinking water,waste water,heating and cooling,thermal energy storage systems,dewatering,water treatment and the drilling of boreholes for drinking water, extinguishing water and process water for industrial use. A.Hak is a group that consists of independent companies that offer total solutions in the fields of design,construction,commissioning,management,inspection,maintenance and d
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A.O. Smith Corporation

A.O. Smith Water Technologies was founded in 1995 and the company is continuously in pursuit of new technologies. Our company aims to find the most effective solutions such as in Reverse Osmosis, water softening, deionization, post treatment systems. In sales and marketing, our goal is to advertise new technology and equipment practically. This provides us to develop the process to find the solutions to your requests and keep you updated about new technologies.
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A.Q.Technology srl

By taking advantage of our years of experience and high-tech systems, you’ll be able to enjoy purified drinking water directly from your tap with maximum confidence, while at the same time protecting your own health and that of your loved ones. A.Q. Technology offers the best water purifiers currently available on the market, which, thanks to an innovative filtration system and an automated control mechanism, are capable of guaranteeing a supply of purified water.
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Acqua Brevetti S.r.l.

Acqua Brevetti is a dynamic and constantly growing company whose guiding principles are continuous innovation and quality. The company has always focused its efforts on research and development of innovative and proprietary technological solutions filing eight patents and five trademarks covering filters, dosing systems and water conditioning products. In order to ensure safe and reliable products, the design and prototyping of the equipment are carried out solely in Acqua Brevetti technical offices a
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AcquAgenda -

The yearbook AcquAgenda and are dedicated to 60.000 operators and buyers of the water sector, contractors and technical suppliers. Other services: databases of water distribution, sewerage, waste water treatment; yearbook GasAgenda; communication and marketing services for water and gas suppliers. & the yearbook AcquAgenda offer a complete view on water companies, 250 products & services, 950 technical suppliers; 2.000 addresses.
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Adasa offers advanced water quality monitoring and control solutions. We understand the needs of water and wastewater applications and have proven capabilities in all facets of design, implementation and service of major control systems, communication and monitoring equipment and application software. Immediate warning in pollution episodes, compromise of water quality demand with respect to its use in agriculture, industry or other activities are some full benefits of Adasa’s products.
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Adept Water Technologies A/S

Adept Water Technologies is a Cleantech company that is growing rapidly. We create efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solutions for the disinfection and filtration of water. Always without the use of chemicals. Our systems is for use in Health Care, Dental Care, Food Industry, Drinking Water, Domestic Water, Hot Water legionella Treatment and other applications.
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Advaqua BV

Advaqua's Greenflush offers treated greywater systems designed for homes and apartments. It offers residents the opportunity to save 1/3 of total mains water to comply with water restriction regulations while maintaining comfort and also saving costs
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