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    See you in 2015!
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    Exhibit at Aquatech India 2015, find out more
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    Creating an enabling environment, to improve water services delivery

Exhibitors Aquatech India 2014


The last edition of Aquatech India was held from 6-8 May 2014 in Pragati Maidan - New Delhi.

Aquatech India displayed the latest products and innovations in process, drinking and waste water and proved itself to be a one-of its-kind, international, high quality water technology event serving the complete Indian water sector.

Aquatech India 2014 featured the best possible range of new and proven products on process, drinking and waste water. Visitors were able to find out about unique novelties and advanced technological findings. The Aquatech Conference was very well attended and this year’s edition featured the very first Industrial Leaders Forum India.

Meet the international pavilion exhibitors

Altwell Tech has been producing and distributing Alt Pi Water Purification System so that we can help people drink pure water, thus contribute to the human's promotion of health.

Elastotech contains the experience gained in more than 40 years of activity in the sector of elastomer moulding for the most diverse uses, from parts of refined design to components with exceptional technical performance for the most demanding industrial sectors.

EMEC ranks among Italy’s top, consolidated industrial actors in the field of electronic control systems for fluids metering and management applications.

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