First Industrial Leaders Forum China successful


In 2014 the first Industrial Leaders Forum China was held as part of the Aquatech China exhibition programme.

Water scarcity has become one of the most pressing global development challenges of the 21st century. As Aquatech Global Events, we believe that the leaders in the water and industrial sectors should join forces to solve these challenges. By wasting less, polluting less, reusing more, managing effectively and becoming more efficient in all uses of water –individual, collective, agricultural and industrial – we can beat the challenges from severe water scarcity.

Round Table discussion

The ILF kicked off with a new element of the Industrial Leaders Forum concept with a invitation-only roundtable discussions Some 40 industry leaders and experts including representatives from provincial governments discussed topics.
Each table had its own topic:
  1. Ensuring China’s Water, Food & Energy Security: Implications for Global Trade
    facilitated by Debra Tan, Director China Water Risk.
  2. Water as a value driver for industries
    facilitated by Dr. Navneet Chadha, IFC Beijing
  3. China's war on pollution and the impact on industry
    facilitated by Wai-Shin Chan, Director - Climate Change Strategy, HSBC limited.

Multiple perspectives on sustainable water use
After the roundtable discussions the Forum started with presentations from the ‘captains of industry’ followed by an interactive panel discussion that brings multiple perspectives on the sustainable use of industrial water.

View the presentations of the Panel Members

IFC | Industrial Water Efficiency: Challenges and Opportunities
H&M | Pioneering water stewardship for fashion
McKinsey & Company | Creating value from water
Coca-Cola China | Water Stewardship
AkzoNobel | Water management in AkzoNobel

Who joined the ILF panel discussions in 2014

Captains of industry from leading companies such as Coca Cola China and H&M have presented their water stewardship and practical solutions.
Yifei Zhang
Coca Cola China
Navneet Chadha
IFC Beijing
Wai Shin Chan

Zhensan Zhu
Yanjing Beer
Jin Weixin
Akzo Nobel
Dr. Joyce Tsoi
H&M, Global Production
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ILF 2014 in the media

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The Industrial Leaders Forum will continue in Amsterdam, India and China in 2015.

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