31 October - 3 November 2017


Innovation takes centre stage at Aquatech Amsterdam!

The water sector is undergoing major changes and a new way of thinking is needed to meet the challenges the industry faces. Innovations are named as the number one reason why people Aquatech Amsterdam. 

Make sure you see the latest trends & solutions at the innovation platform for the water industry: InnovationLAB!

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Aquatech Innovation Award 2017


The Aquatech Innovation Award enjoys industry prestige and a worldwide commercial impact, with winners and nominees alike being seen as trendsetters for the next generation of product development. The InnovationLAB showcases all the products nominated for the Aquatech Amsterdam Innovation Award, with visitors being able to browse individual nominee & winner information on dedicated iPads.

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BlueTech Research Innovation Pavilion

Powered by BlueTech Research, the pavilion at stand number 07.552 offers breakthrough technology for the water industry. Innovation leaders and cutting-edge, new technology companies will present their very latest products and solutions for water professionals. 

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"In addition to the Aquatech Innovation Award, Aquatech showcases thousands of innovations and new products. Due to the large number and wide range of marketing & promotion opportunities, not all these premiers get the attention they deserve. The new 'InnovationLAB' concept resolves this through its variety of channels."

Annette Bos Aquatech Domain Manager

Aquatech TV


The InnovationLAB NEWSROOM is the visual media hub of Aquatech Amsterdam. Flying reporters collect content about the show and its exhibitors. Powered by Aquatech TV.

InnovationLAB Experiences

Experience the technology of the future in real live demonstrations! It is the “science center” of Aquatech where you can see, hear and experience upcoming technology solutions that are still at the research or testing phase. This is a great way to gain a sneak preview of what the future has in store.