31 October - 3 November 2017

Innovations at Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 brings you world-first introductions and new and award-winning products!

The Aquatech Innovation Award has been granted for many years to the most innovative product, service or solution in the water industry. Aquatech Amsterdam invites exhibitors to enter their most innovative designs to be judged by an independent expert jury. Visitors will of course be able to see all the innovations on the exhibition floor and in the specialized pavilions.

Exhibitors can enter their new product for the Innovation Award via the Exhibitor Portal.

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Categories of the Aquatech Innovation Award

  • Water treatment (drinking water, clean water, including point of use)
  • Waste water treatment
  • Transport & Storage
  • Process control technology & process automation
  • Innovation – not to market yet

Exhibitors can submit their innovation for Innovation Award through the Exhibitor Portal by July. The jury will assess entrants on the basis of originality, practicality, and sustainability. 

All nominees and winners will receive extra promotion and will be displayed at the InnovationLAB (booth 07.550).

Jury members of the Innovation Award 2017

  • Prof.dr.ir. C.J.N. Buisman (Wetsus – Chairman of the Jury)
  • Ir.C. Uijterlinde (Stowa)
  • Ir.P. Kamp (former CTO at PWN Technologies)
  • W.F. Volmer BSc (Nmi Certin BV)
  • Prof. M. Kennedy, PhD (UNESCO - IHE Institute for Water Technology)
  • M. Kruisweg (Akzo Nobel)
  • Prof.dr.ir. A.J.H. Janssen (Shell)
  • H. Gastkemper (Stichting RIONED)

The proceeds of the Aquatech Amsterdam Innovation Award go to: AMREF, A healthy future for girls in Kilindi (Tanzania)

Water is becoming scarcer and more polluted every day. Innovations are crucial, which is why Aquatech Amsterdam supports them via the Aquatech Amsterdam Innovation Award. We are also committed to improving the wider world, and will therefore donate the registration fee (€ 100.00 per innovation entry) to AMREF Flying Doctors.

The project: A healthy future for girls in Kilindi!
In January 2016 Amref Flying Doctors started a project in Kilindi, a remote area in Tanzania, to improving the health of girls and young women by introducing the alternative rite of passage for female genital cutting and increasing the access to safe drinking water, good sanitation and hygiene.
The focus of the project is on the empowerment of young girls and decision makers in their community in order to:

  • reduce Female Genital Cutting (FGM) among girls in the Kilindi district (Tanzania);
  • reduce water-, hygiene and sanitation related diseases in communities by increasing access to clean and safe water and reliable sanitation facilities in households and schools;
  • improve knowledge, attitudes and practices of communities to prevent water and sanitation related diseases.
Amref - Flying Doctors Logo
Amref - Masai, Kenya, Mothers heading to clinic for immunisation
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Collecting water
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Young boy drinking water from a mug
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Two women fetching water