31 October - 3 November 2017


Aquatech Amsterdam 2015 brought you world-first introductions and new and award-winning products. The exhibition offered a complete overview of the latest innovations, inspiring trends and developments in the water industry. During the show the most innovative products on the market were put in the spotlight with the Aquatech Innovation Award.


The overall winner of this edition's Aquatech Amsterdam Innovation Award is DyVaR process of Dutch company Salttech BV.

The Aquatech Innovation Awards 2015 winners are:

  • Overall winner, and category winner Waste water treatment
    DyVaR O&G ZLD by Salttech BV - DyVaR uses evaporative and cyclonic technologies to separate out salts and other components
  • Category winner Not-yet-to-market 
    PearlAqua by AquiSense Technologies - a world-first UV LED water disinfection system from US company AquiSense Technologies;
  • Category winner Process control technology & Process Automation
    Hach Prognosys predictive diagnostic system by Hach - an instrument predictive diagnostic system
  • Category winner Transport & Storage
    AQS-SYS by Aquarius Spectrum Ltd. - an automated system for detecting when leaks develop in supply networks from Israeli company Aquarius Spectrum
  • Category winner Water supply / water treatment 
    MPC-Buoy: Monitor, Predict & Control Algal Blooms by LG Sonic BV - an ultrasonic system for treating algal blooms from Dutch company LG Sonic 

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Categories of the Aquatech Innovation Award

  • Water treatment (drinking water, clean water, including point of use)
  • Waste water treatment
  • Transport & Storage
  • Process control technology & process automation
  • Innovation – not to market yet

The entries will be judged on the following 3 criteria:

  • Originality (50%)
  • Practicality (technical, economical, feasibility, 25%)
  • Sustainability (environment, security, energy and efficiency, 25%)

Jury members of the Innovation Award 2015

  • Prof.dr.ir. C.J.N.Buisman (Wetsus – Chairman of the Jury)
  • Ir.C.. Uijterlinde (Stowa)
  • Ir.P.Kamp (former CTO at PWN Technologies)
  • Ir.J.T. van der Zwan (PUM Netherlands Senior Experts)
  • Ir.J.G.Langeveld (TU Delft)
  • W.F.Volmer BSc (Nmi Certin BV)
  • Prof. M. Kennedy, PhD (UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Technology)
  • M. Kruisweg (Akzo Nobel)

The proceeds of the Aquatech Innovation Award go to: AMREF Sustainable water access for the Masai in Kajiado, Kenya

This project focuses on a reduction in the number of water-related diseases with the Masai by improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation. With this project, approximately 50,000 people will have access to safe water. Approximately 16,500 people will have access to sanitation and these people will also be informed about the importance of good personal hygiene.

Amref - Flying Doctors Logo
Amref - Masai, Kenya, Mothers heading to clinic for immunisation
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Collecting water
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Young boy drinking water from a mug
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Two women fetching water